Vinyl Siding Cleaning

vinyl siding cleaning

Getting your vinyl siding cleaned periodically is a must do for a great looking house. Vinyl siding is a great choice in exterior protection because it requires less maintenance than wood, but all surfaces become dirty from natural occurrences, such as dirt, wind, rain, and most importantly, mold and mildew.

Hiring professionals like BJ’s Chimney Service is best to prevent unnecessary damage to your siding or surrounding surfaces. BJ’s Chimney Service makes sure to preform proper preparation such as removing fragile items and ensuring that all non-movable items are properly protected before preforming the siding cleaning. We prevent excess water from damaging insulation and framework, which can cause mold or electrical damage over time.

The chemicals that we use to clean your house or business’s vinyl siding are high grade cleaners to help prevent mold from growing back and keep your vinyl looking great for longer. You can trust BJ’s Chimney Service to efficiently and safely clean your vinyl siding with the best service in Birmingham, AL.

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