Gas Service & Piping

gas service piping

BJ’s Chimney Service offers Gas Service and Piping including:

  • Gas/Grill Installation & Repair
  • Natural Gas Line Installation

Here are some of the services that BJ’s Chimney Service offers when helping you with Natural Gas Line Installation

  1. Installing natural gas piping.
  2. Installing gas fireplace log kits.
  3. Disconnecting, relocating and connecting gas appliances and natural gas grills, installing gas piping as needed.
  4. Disconnecting gas appliances when you need to move them for remodeling or relocation.
  5. Connecting gas appliances when you finish remodeling or have just moved in.

Give us a call at BJ’s Chimney Service for your Gas Service & Piping needs and we can get out there and give you a quote on your needs right away! Call us at (205) 995-8656