Chimney Rebuilds


A damaged or deteriorating chimney is dangerous to your house and everything around it. Sometimes a complete rebuild is necessary and you can count on BJ’s Chimney Service for a timely and efficient chimney rebuild. BJ’s Chimney Service offers partial and total chimney rebuilds:

  • Partial chimney rebuilds are conducted for small chimneys with no scaffolding or the top sections of a large chimney with the addition of a new crown. The chimney is torn down to the area of the flashing by the roofline, and then the top of the chimney is rebuilt a new crown is added.
  • Total chimney rebuilds are conducted when the chimney is leaning, severe mortar deterioration has occurred, severe brick spalling has set in from the ground up, etc. The outer brick layer of the chimney is torn down and a new crown is added. In most cases the firebox, hearth, and smoke chamber are not removed.


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